SCANIA diesel

Locatie van het object: NEDERLAND
Model:Scania diesel
Huidige locatie Netherlands
Airconditioning Yes

Steer: LHD, Transmission: semi hydraulic, Skid sludge tank in m3: 14 m³, Location: PL, Camera system, Beacons, Hose reel high pressure, Hose reel vacuum, Remote control, SOLD!, , IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN A VEHICLE LIKE THIS WE WILL HAPPY TO BUILD ONE FOR YOU.., , New recycler. Tank with movable partition., HP: Uraca P3-40 471 ltr @ 150 Bar, VP: CVS Vacustar 2500 41667 ltr per min at free flow, Waterrecycling Type A with continuous recycling, PLC controlled level system. Media pump± Vogelsang. 9 cyclons, Frostprotection up to minus 10 degr Celsius, , , , , RECycler® technology, The market's most effective water recycling system - fully automatic and simple to operate, RECycler® technology is your optimal choice for jetting of water mains, regardless of whether you need to remove blockages, carry out preventative cleaning, clear new sewers of construction gravel and the like, or if you are cleaning prior to guided camera inspection and relining., Jetting water is continually reused in a RECycler® unit from J. Hvidtved Larsen A/S. The process is fully automatic and requires nothing more of the operator than on traditional combination units., Save water, time and fuel, Our RECycler® is the most effective recycler on the market - at least that's what our customers say! Over an extended period of time comparing recycling systems from different manufacturers, our British customer Lanes Group plc documented a 15-20% greater efficiency in our systems, and the customer has also experienced a tendency for this difference to increase over time, as our construction is stronger and easy to maintain., Below we have put together a simple cost table showing how much water and time you save when using our RECycler®instead of a traditional combination unit. These values will naturally vary in relation to the conditions of the task, expenses, resources and regulations in the area in question, but regardless of latitude, there is time and money to be saved. RECycler® technology benefits the environment: we believe that RECycler® technology is the future., Example:, As an example, we imagine a jetting task of 1,000 metres Ø500 main line with manholes every 100 m (10 in total). To make the calculation transparent we assume that both units have the same capacity with respect to high-pressure pump, tank volume, etc., , , , , , Traditional combination unit, , , RECycler®, , , , Water capacity (clean water), 12,000 litres filled prior to commencement of work, 6,000 litres filled prior to commencement of work, , , Metres jetted before water tank is empty, 200 metres, N/A, , , Time spent per 200 metres, 1 hour and 15 min (40 min jetting + 15 min dewatering/shifting of partition + 5 min drive to next manhole + 20 min water filling), 45 min (40 min jetting + 5 min drive to next manhole), , , Total time spent (1,000 metres), 6 hours and 15 min, 3 hours and 45 min, , , Total water consumption, 60,000 litres clean drinking water, 6,000 litres clean drinking water + 54,000 litres recycled sewer water, , , Jetting time/efficiency, 3 hours and 20 min/53% total working time, 3 hours and 20 min/89% total working time, , , , , , , , , , , Jetting time per 100 metres is assumed to be 20 minutes and water consumption 300 litres/min at 110 bar. Drive time between manholes is assumed to be 5 minutes, time spent dewatering/shifting the partition is assumed to be 10 minutes per 200 metres and time spent on water filling is 20 minutes., The conclusion of our example calculation is that the RECycler® unit is at least 60% more efficient than a traditional combination unit when assuming equal capacities., A RECycler® unit will typically have a significantly higher jetting capacity and therefore complete jetting faster., The graphic below illustrates the comparison with the same results., ,

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